This Website Has Been Taken Down by Order of Globex Marketing, Inc.

Due to the inappropriate actions by the original owner of this website, and due to his ongoing inflammatory content being displayed on Facebook pages with the constant referral to visit his websites which he would then use our name as the designer and host. This put our company and even employees he called out, in a vulnerable place by associating our names with his Social Media postings and tagging our names as though we approved or sponsored his words, actions and activities. The websites themselves had no current content or updates on them and was obviously being ignored by the owners personal webmaster. Our company, Globex Marketing, chose together with the owner and employees to give ample time for the original owner of the website to move his sites to another location as our team did not wish to be party to, or associated with, his organizations and online antics.

Several days, more than ample time, was given for the owner of this site, who states he himself to be a qualified webmaster, to backup and move his four websites to another company's server; an accomplishment that should take no longer than 3 - 4 hours to totally complete the task for all four websites involved.

As of December 2nd, at 12:01 the hosting company's server was set to delete the websites if the sites were not moved; they were not. The warning of action on the part of Globex was generously given with ample time to complete.